APL 2016 Education Program

APL Education Program provides a leadership program and students can receive up to 6 credits study abroad with other prestigious students from at least 23 different universities living together during one month in dormitory of APL Host University or attend as a day student.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Asia Pacific Leaders Program is offering its prestigious, challenging, yet exciting study abroad opportunities through its leadership program with universities in Asia Pacific and students worldwide. Every summer session, APL students will experience one month of accelerating leadership program with students from Asia Pacific Universities. This APL Education Program shall accept students’ applications from member universities and some selected students of all countries around the world, who wishes to study at the APL host university to gain leadership knowledge and have credits transfer to students’ universities.


APL EP comprises lectures, company visits, guest sharing, group projects and cultural immersion activities that will surely provide a fruitful learning experience for the participants. We propose to base our lectures upon 2 academic subjects, namely Entrepreneurship and Managerial Leadership (the two subjects carry 6 academic credits).

The subject outlines will be the basis to facilitate credit transfer at participating institutions.

Entrepreneurship is recommended not only because entrepreneurship education has become a major trend around the globe, but also we have seen entrepreneurship appears as an effective learning approach that allow participants to holistically integrate their prior learning (e.g. domain knowledge, business knowledge, communication skills, etc) into an actionable plan. Managerial leadership is also recommended as the subject will further strengthen participants' leadership competence.

Student Benefits

  1. APL fellow award, (cost equivalent to education program, dormitory, field trip, and others...)

  2. Certificate

  3. Credits

  4. Making leadership friends from different regions

  5. Membership from APL Alumni

  6. Scholarship recipient